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Taking the Leap: Where to Learn a Backflip Safely



The backflip, an exhilarating blend of power, technique, and airborne artistry, is a coveted skill for many. Whether you're aiming for athletic prowess or just looking for a cool party trick, learning a backflip requires the right environment, proper instruction, and dedicated practice. Coach Justin Taylor has taught thousands of people how to backflip. So many, when they come up to him, reminding him that he taught them this momentous movement, he cannot remember them all. Here's where you can start your flipping journey.

1. Gymnastics Centers:

  • Overview: Gymnastics centers are equipped with the necessary facilities, including foam pits and trampolines, which are ideal for learning and practicing flips safely.

  • Benefits: Access to experienced coaches, safe learning environments, and progressive training methods tailored to individual needs.

2. Trampoline Parks:

  • Overview: These are large indoor spaces filled with trampolines. They often offer classes on different skills, including backflips.

  • Benefits: The bounce from the trampoline offers added height, making it easier to practice flips. Plus, there are usually foam pits or soft landing zones for safe practice.

3. Martial Arts Studios:

  • Overview: Some martial arts disciplines, like capoeira or certain styles of taekwondo, incorporate acrobatic moves, including backflips.

  • Benefits: Along with learning backflips, you can pick up self-defense skills and enjoy a holistic fitness regimen.

4. Parkour & Freerunning Gyms:

  • Example: Facilities like Firestorm Freerunning offer specialized training in parkour and free running, where flips are a fundamental skill.

  • Benefits: Comprehensive training that focuses not just on the backflip but also on how it integrates into fluid movement sequences.

5. Cheerleading Training Centers:

  • Overview: Backflips, often termed "tucks" in cheerleading, are foundational skills, especially in competitive cheer.

  • Benefits: Access to coaches familiar with teaching high-flying moves, and an opportunity to learn other acrobatic stunts.

6. Online Tutorials & Workshops:

  • Overview: Numerous platforms offer online tutorials for learning backflips, from YouTube to specialized gymnastics websites.

  • Caution: While online resources can be helpful, always prioritize safety. It's advisable to practice the techniques under supervision, especially when starting.

Tips for Safe Learning:

  • Always Start with a Warm-Up: This prepares your body and reduces the risk of injury.

  • Use Safety Gear: Initially, using mats or having a spotter can prevent injuries.

  • Stay Patient: Like any skill, mastering a backflip takes time. Don't rush the process.


Learning a backflip is an exciting endeavor, and with the right guidance and persistence, it's an achievable one. Always prioritize safety, seek expert instruction, and remember that every flipper, no matter how advanced, started with that first, exhilarating leap.

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