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Leveling Up in Tricking: A Millennial's Guide to the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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Ever heard of "tricking"? For the uninitiated, think of it as martial arts given a Gen Z remix—adding flips, twists, and free-flow swagger. If you've got an itch for action-packed moves and crave discipline to go with it, here's your starter guide to the vibrant world of tricking and its close relatives.

The Foundations:

  • Martial Arts: Your gateway to tricking. From the dynamic kicks of Taekwondo to the tradition-steeped moves of Karate and Kung Fu, it's all about discipline and flow. Got a flair for the dramatic? Check out Taekwondo. Those kicks? Insta-worthy.

  • Gymnastics: Elevate your game. Flexibility, strength, and acrobatics that'll make your TikTok pop.

  • Capoeira: Brazil's gift to the adrenaline junkies. It's dance. It's acrobatics. It's martial arts. And yeah, it's all set to some sick beats.

The Siblings of Tricking:

  • Parkour & Free Running: Urban jungles meet human agility. Not tricking, but they share the DNA of fluid movement.

  • Tumbling: Think gymnastics, but make it high-octane with rapid flips and rolls.

  • Breakdancing/B-boying: Old school cool meets new school moves. Those power spins? Tricking's distant cousin.

  • AcroYoga: Yoga meets mid-air stunts. Namaste, with a twist.

  • Cheerleading: Not just pom-poms. Competitive cheer has stunts that can rival any action movie.

  • MMA: Get grounded with combat techniques. Also, it's a killer workout.

  • XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts): Martial arts got a Hollywood makeover. Ready for your action-hero moment?

Scouting the Scene:

Before diving headfirst, scout around. Look for places that don't just teach moves but live the philosophy. Safety, discipline, and respect should be at the heart of it. And yeah, those instructors? Make sure they know their stuff—not just in practice, but in teaching it.


Tricking isn't just a sport—it's a lifestyle. Whether you're in for the discipline or the dopamine rush, there's a whole world waiting for you. Lace up, level up, and let's get tricking!

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