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Introducing Your child to Tricking: A Parent's Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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Has your 8-year-old recently shown interest in those jaw-dropping flips and high-flying kicks commonly associated with "tricking"? As parents, it's natural to want to channel this enthusiasm while ensuring discipline and safety. Let's navigate the dynamic world of tricking and its sibling disciplines perfect for young enthusiasts.

Understanding Tricking:

Tricking fuses martial arts, acrobatics, and dance into a harmonious flow of kicks, flips, and spins. It's not just about the cool moves—it's a discipline, an art.

Gateway to Tricking for Kids:

  • Martial Arts: Begin with the basics. Traditional martial arts like Taekwondo, with its signature kicks, or Karate and Kung Fu teach discipline, respect, and control—all foundational for tricking.

  • Gymnastics: Bolster strength, flexibility, and discipline. With gymnastics, kids learn the essence of acrobatics which naturally complements tricking.

  • Capoeira: Let your child groove to Brazilian beats while mastering martial arts and dance, a rhythmic avenue to tricking.

  • Parkour & Free Running: Though distinct from tricking, they echo the same principles—fluidity, agility, and discipline.

  • Tumbling: Think of it as gymnastics' playful cousin, where springy runways become stages for jumps, rolls, and flips.

  • Parkour & Free Running: If your child dreams of scaling walls or leaping between obstacles, this is their playground.

  • Tumbling: Think of it as gymnastics' fun sibling, with rolls, jumps, and bounces galore.

  • Breakdancing: Got a music-loving kid? The spins and moves of breakdancing might just be their jam.

  • AcroYoga: Yoga meets mid-air stunts. It's teamwork, flexibility, and pure fun.

  • Cheerleading: Beyond the pom-poms, it's about team spirit, coordinated moves, and stunts.

  • MMA & XMA: From foundational martial arts techniques in MMA to the flashy stunts of XMA, there's a spectrum to explore.

Choosing the Right Place:

When you're set to enroll your young one, remember to:

  • Dive into the curriculum.

  • Understand their teaching approach.

  • Ensure they prioritize safety, respect, and structured learning.

After all, it's not just about the moves. It's about the values, the growth, and the joy of learning.

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