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The Firestorm Competition Team is a group of Firestorm Athletes, kids and adults, who receive weekly specialty training to compete in local and interstate Parkour Competitions. Athletes will learn to utilize the skills taught in their regularly scheduled Parkour Classes for use in the three categories of a Parkour Competition:


The 2023 West Coast Parkour Championship Season is fast approaching! 

The Firestorm PK Competition Team is a group of Firestorm Athletes, kids and adults, who receive weekly specialty training to compete in local and interstate Parkour Competitions. Athletes will learn to utilize the skills taught in their regularly scheduled Parkour Classes for use in the four categories of a Parkour Competition:


Skill Challenges: Athletes will learn to use their skills in precise and advanced scenarios to overcome set Challenges that escalate in difficulty. The more difficult the Skill Challenge, the more points it is worth. Athletes will train to take their existing Parkour skills to an advanced level where they can be used in ever increasingly difficult scenarios.
Here you train to improve your Parkour Skills and use them in as many diverse ways as possible, with precision.


Speed Course: Point A to B Obstacle Course racing. Athletes will learn how to defeat obstacles in the quickest and most efficient manner. Endurance, strength, flow, and reaction speed will be worked on until an Athlete is able to react to and overcome incoming obstacles without losing speed or focus. 

Here you learn to use your Parkour skills and reaction times in as quick and efficient a manner as possible.


Freestyle: Athletes will learn to use their personal style of movement and skills to create unique Lines. Lines are a connected sequence of skills that flow into one another, showing off an Athlete’s style abilities. Freestyle is generally judged based upon: Flow, Creativity, Difficulty, and Execution of skills in an Athlete’s Line. Each competition will have new and unique obstacles and gym layouts meaning these skills will be trained to be used in any environment.
Here is where you develop your personal style and learn to connect all your skills together creating amazing lines.


Big Trick: When athletes have tied scores in a Freestyle comp the tie is settled with a big trick battle. Athletes will practice adapting, improving, and perfecting 3 of their most impressive skills.

Here is where you strive to learn the biggest most impressive skills possible and lock them in so you can do them anytime, anywhere.


Team Membership

Membership as an Athlete in the Firestorm Competition Team must be earned. Being an Athlete requires dedication, work ethic, and striving for self improvement beyond what is expected from your normal Parkour class. As a Team, Athletes will learn to push one another, build respect for themselves, their bodies, and their Teammates, as well as increase their mental and physical fortitude. You should expect to work much harder during Comp Team than in your regular Parkour class. 


Athletes are expected to show up early, keep absences to a minimum, and arrive with a positive attitude ready to learn and work hard. Athletes are expected to commit to the entire Season, both the training and competitive portions. Athletes will be pushed physically and mentally.


To join the Firestorm Competition Team you must:

  1. Be a Green Rank or higher in Parkour Classes. 

  2. Have a current Firestorm Membership.

  3. Show hard work ethic and the ability to follow your Coach's directions.

  4. Be able to make weekly team practices.

  5. Come to most, if not all, Parkour Competitions. 

  6. Fill out the Firestorm Competition Team Application. 

The Parkour Comp Team Coaches (Coaches Aaron & FreeLove) will review your application, and if selected, you will be invited to attend a Trail Comp Team Session. If, after the Session, both you and your Coaches decide Comp Team is a good fit, you will be approved to officially join Comp Team for the 2022-2023 Season.


Training and Competition Schedule

The Parkour Comp Team Season runs from the start of August 2022 - June 2023.
Training Season begins early August, 2022. Team practice is weekly (excluding Holidays). During this time there will be two Firestorm Members only Competitions. (This means only Members of Firestorm will be competing. These are your practice Competitions to prepare you for the upcoming West Coast Parkour Championships Season) Comp Team Athletes will have their Firestorm Members Only Competition costs covered by Firestorm.
1. @ Firestorm Ultra, Saturday Sept. 18th

2. @ Firestorm Galaxy, Sunday Nov. 14th


The West Coast Parkour Championships Season runs from the beginning of Jan. - end of June 2023 and will include (hosting gyms are still being finalized) roughly 10 competitions. Some of these competitions will be out of state. Athletes are not required, but are encouraged, to travel to out of state competitions. Athletes are expected to compete at all Southern California competitions.


Team Training Cost

Your Tuition will be changed to the Comp Team Tuition, which is $275/month and includes your 2 hour practice each week and a Max Class Membership, allowing you to save a spot in up to four classes each week, and drop into as many classes as space is available for. This will also cover your Team Uniform. We are a family at Firestorm and this means we do not leave anyone behind. If you are accepted onto Team, and show through your work ethic that you truly want to be here, but cannot afford the cost, you can apply for a Team Scholarship.


Team Scholarship

For any child or adult Athlete on Team who is unable to afford Team dues due to financial hardship, you may apply for a Team Scholarship. Scholarships will waive a portion of the Team Membership cost. Scholarships must be earned. Scholarships include 10 hours of scheduled Gym Community Service each month. Community Service includes: office work, gym and equipment cleaning, assistant coaching, assisting camps, wherever Firestorm needs a helping hand, etc.


How to get started

Follow the link to the Comp Team Application form and fill it out. Please enter the email you use regularly as the Coaches will reach out via email to let you know the status of your application and their decision. You will receive a response email within a few days letting you know the status of your application. Applications can be filled out, and Athletes selected until Sept. 30th.

If you are invited to Comp Team, you will attend one Trial Comp Team Training Session, so both you and the Coaches can see if this is a good fit for you. If the Trial goes well, you will be invited to join Comp Team for the entire 2022-2023 Season.

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