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Member's only
parkour competition

Saturday, November 23

Little Heroes:

10:00am - Sign Ins and Warm-Ups

10:30am - Course Explanations

10:45am - Speed/Skills Challenges

11:45am  - Awards Ceremony


12:30pm - Sign In and Warm-Ups

1:15pm - Freestyle Competitions

3:15pm - Speed Challenges

4:45pm - Skill Challenges

6:35pm - Awards Ceremony

Pricing and Basic Comp Info Below:​

Little Heroes $45

Parkour - Kids/Teens $65

Spectator Fee $10 per person


Age and Rank

At Firestorm Members Only Competitions, students engage in friendly competition with other students in their same age category (4-6, 7-9, 10-12, and 13+) and Rank (White, Orange, and Green+)


Only Parkour Rank Orange+ students compete in Freestyle. 

White rank students DO NOT need to arrive until 3:00 PM for Speed/Skills.


Students are encouraged to remember that they are truly only competing against themselves. Friendly competition with other students is a great way to perform the tenets of Firestorm: Community, Passion, Play, and Self-Improvement.


FREESTYLE: Athletes have 30 seconds to use the Freestyle Area to show off their best skills. 5 judges will watch and will individually score them from 0 -100 points based on Flow, Creativity, Difficulty, and Execution. The highest and lowest scores will be discarded and the total of the three remaining scores is the Athlete's Freestyle Score.


BIG TRICK: When Athletes tie in Freestyle, they determine the winner with a Big Trick battle. Each Athlete will have 3 attempts to show off their biggest trick. The judges will vote to decide the winner of Best Trick.


SPEED: Race through multiple unique obstacle courses in the fastest time possible. The fastest times from each course are added together to get your Total Time. Fastest Total Time wins.


SKILLS: There are a total of 6 challenge areas ranging from 1-5 levels of difficulty. Participants' final score is the highest difficulty achieved in each area, combined together. You can attempt levels 1-4 on your first attempt, but Level 5 can only be attempted after level 4 is completed. Athletes will receive 2 attempts per turn.

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