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Ninja Warrior

Defeat the course. Become a Ninja Warrior. Firestorm's Ninja Warrior program trains you to overcome every obstacle and become a Ninja Warrior by focusing on the three main components of ninja warrior training: Skills, Strength, and Endurance.


















Ninja Warrior is a battle of determination and skill against some of the most unique and challenging obstacles on the world's toughest obstacle course. Each season, hundreds of challengers throw themselves at the course to see who will be the next to conquer it and become an “American Ninja Warrior”. Firestorm’s Ninja Warrior class focuses on the three main areas that need to be built up to create a true Ninja Warrior competitor. 


Skills: Each class we pick 2 – 4 main obstacles to tackle. Each obstacle is broken down into the individual skills needed to overcome that obstacle. A ninja warrior needs to be able to draw from a multitude of skill sets in order to overcome a large amount of ever-changing obstacles. Our class training teaches skills from various disciplines including parkour, gymnastics, rock climbing, and more.


Strength: The obstacles of Ninja Warrior take strength to overcome, both physically and mentally. We train our strength to be functional and aid in our body movement. No lifting weights here, just body weight. Each class’s strength training is geared towards building the strength to defeat your obstacles. We make sure that each strength training exercise you do has a purpose and works towards helping you overcome specific obstacles.


Endurance: You can be strong as a bull, but when your endurance runs out, you WILL fall into the water. Strength and skill mean nothing when you reach your cardiovascular limit. Our class incorporates Ninja Warrior courses, run again and again to make sure you build the endurance needed to make it through an entire Ninja Warrior competition run. You don’t want to run out of energy and have reached your endurance limit when it's time to tackle an obstacle like the Salmon Ladder.


 Join us and train to become the next American Ninja Warrior.


Our professional coaches have developed our curriculum to ensure you progress through learning as quickly and safely as possible.​

The Firestorm Family believes that through hard work, perseverance, and seeing obstacles as challenges to help you grow, each and every student can shape themselves into the Hero of their dreams.

We are trained to teach people of all ages and fitness levels to learn this exciting new movement and art form.

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