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Empower Your Child's Boundless Spirit: Unleash the Adventure of Parkour & Acrobatics Classes Today!


The Firestorm office staff will be in contact with you shortly.
In the meantime, to get a head start with a Trial Class, please sign the waiver below before your trial class and review the rules/trial guide!


  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable moving around in. No jewelry or clothing that may restrict your ability to move.

  • Wear closed toed Athletic shoes. Shoes that are lightweight, flexible, and have grippy bottoms are best. Do not wear sandals or crocs


  • Arrive 15 minutes before your class to sign in and meet your coach.

- 1. Respect yourself: know your personal limits and train safely (aka: don't die).

- 2. Respect the gym, equipment, staff, and coaches. Please put all equipment away when you are done with it.

- 3. Please be aware of everyone's training space.

- 4. If it is yellow, do NOT touch it! Yellow is off limits.

- 5. Always bring close toed shoes.

- 6. Absolutely no climbing with your knees or shins! Breaking this rule results in a push-up penalty!

- 7. No sitting or laying in the training areas unless instructed.

- 8. Please keep food, drinks, and personal items upstairs. Absolutely no food or drink on the spring floor.

- 9. Follow all directions and training tips from Firestorm coaches. (We are here to help and will never ask you to do anything that puts you in harms way!)

  • Once you arrive, join your class for group warm-ups and begin your trial!

  • Enjoy your class and have fun!


Once you are finished with your trial return to the front office where a coach will review your first class with you and determine which membership may be best suited for your interest, budget, and availability!

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