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10 Year Anniversary Event

Saturday, July 15th

11 AM - 5 PM

F R E E     event!

Join us for a mix of games, competitions, speed courses, classes. and more! Better yet, the entire day is F R E E! All you need to do is bring friends, family, show up, have an awesome time, and fill out our online waiver. You can fill out our online waiver here:

We do recommend that you have your friends, family, or even yourself if you have never been to Firestorm Galaxy, Moreno Valley before, fill out our online waiver ahead of time. This will make the check in process at the front desk move much quicker and get you into the exciting festivities ASAP!

Here is the outline of events we have planned for the day:

11:00 AM - All Ages Open Gym

12:00 PM - Classes - Classes may include but are not limited to Aerial Silks, Parkour, Little Heroes, Tricking, & Trampoline!

1:00 PM - All Ages Open Gym

2:00 PM - Games - Foam Sword Battles, Dodgeball, Stick, Chase Tag

3:00 PM - All Ages Open Gym

4:00 PM - Competitions - Big Trick, Mini Flow, Parkour Stick, Trampoline Stick, Speed Courses

You are more than welcome to attend part, if not the entire event. We encourage you to stop by, check it out, and let us know if you had a good time! 


*NO payment or reservation is necessary! Just show up and have fun!

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